Our Brands

Here at Retro City Cycles and Greenway Bicycles, we take a customer-centric approach to service and sales.  We know that being a good bike shop requires a special synergy between customer service and the brands customers want to see. Our brands have been specifically picked based on customer feedback and our own experience so that we can provide you with the confidence and satisfaction you deserve.


Niner Bikes build the best 29er Mountain Bikes in carbon, aluminum, or steel. If you like big wheels, you need to check out a Niner.


Surly Bikes make some of the most “interesting” (or are they just weird?) bikes that we sell. From the Ice Cream Truck fat bike to the Long Haul Trucker touring bike, if there is a niche of cycling you’d like to explore, Surly makes the perfect vehicle to explore it with.


Schwinn Bicycles has been around a few years longer than Fuji, and their cruisers are just as popular as ever. We also sell quite a few of their hybrid and urban fixie/single speed bikes as well.


Jamis Bicyles is one of our main full line bike brands. They got their start back in 1979 making Boss Cruiser beach cruisers, and quickly expanded into mountain and road bikes, too. Today, they make some of the most technologically advanced Carbon Fiber bikes out there, and the Boss Cruiser is still around too!


Fuji Bikes (Ocala Only) have been around almost as long as bicycles have been around, having been founded in Japan in 1899! Fuji is also a full bike line, with a bike for every taste and price range.


Breezer Bikes (Ocala Only) was founded by the legendary Joe Breeze, one of the original Repack Riders who helped invent modern mountain bikes as we know them in the 70’s. They still make marvelous Mountain Bikes, and some real nice hybrid/urban bikes as well.

PureFix Cycles makes some of the most popular and best selling fixie/single speed bikes in the game. They come in about 25 color combinations and a full range of sizes, so if we don’t have exactly the bike you’re looking for in stock, we’re happy to order you exactly what you want.

3G Bikes

3G Cruisers are some of the best value beach cruisers out there, and we usually have five or six of them in stock. They have quite a few color options, so if you’re looking for one that we don’t have in stock, we can order it for you, and because they have a warehouse in Jacksonville, we can usually have them for you the next day.

GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles got their start making some of the best BMX bikes of the 1980’s, and then some of the best mountain bikes of the 1990’s, and today finds them still at the top of both the BMX and the Mountain Bike games.

If you are planning a vacation in Orlando and thinking about taking a new bike back home with you, we would love to help you! If you’re looking for something custom, contact us before you arrive in Orlando and we can make sure your dream bike is ready and waiting for you when you arrive.